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Why Choose Design Build for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, odds are good that you’ve considered doing it yourself instead of hiring a contractor or kitchen remodeler. Plenty of people are getting their hands dirty with ambitious DIY projects lately. Why not join them? Simple, any full-scale remodel, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, a new bathroom, or finishing your basement, is often much more complicated and difficult than home renovation programs on TV make it appear. Building materials have also risen in price and supply chains are tight, making it harder for individuals to obtain the materials they need to remodel their own kitchen. 

But what should you do instead? 

Hire a kitchen remodeler, of course. And not just any kitchen remodeler, but a design-build contractor who can help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Choosing to hire a remodeler comes with a number of advantages, but choosing to hire a full-blown design-build contractor comes with even more. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, or any other significant remodeling project this summer, read on for some reasons why it’s not a good idea to fly solo.


What is Design-Build?

Design-build refers to a system used by companies in the construction industry to deliver all the services you need under one roof. It means that, instead of finding a designer or an architect to draw up plans for your new kitchen or master bath and then finding a builder to make those plans work, you find a single firm instead, where both the design and construction come from the same company. Choosing to work with a design-build firm has big advantages. 

Oftentimes, when working with separate builders, designers, and architects, information can get lost in the shuffle. If your designer leaves a note on the plans that the builders can’t figure out, they either have to guess at what it might mean, or try to get in touch with the designer. Either option can add unnecessary time and expenses to your project. Working with a design build firm will make the process of your next remodel smoother and simpler. 


Kitchens Can Be Complicated

While choosing a design-build firm is a good idea regardless of your remodeling project, it’s an especially good idea for a kitchen remodel. Kitchen remodels are complicated and time-consuming, if you’re not a professional. Trying to undertake a significant project like this on your own is sure to leave you with a headache. On the other hand, taking the traditional route and finding a designer, a contractor, subcontractors, and everything else leads to too many hands in the pot. Kitchen remodels are complicated enough already. There’s no need to make it harder on yourself. Finding a design-build contractor to tackle your kitchen remodel can ease the stress on you and your family, while making sure your project finishes on time and within budget


Stick to the Plan

While a design-build contractor can make the process of your next remodel easier, they aren’t miracle workers. Kitchen remodels are notorious for starting simple and then spiraling in cost and resources. It’s like grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You may have had a list written down when you left the house, but then your stomach got the better of you and you came home with chocolates, chips, alcohol, and more that you weren’t planning on buying. With your kitchen remodel, have a plan and stick to it as closely as you can. Don’t get distracted from the goals you set at the start of your project. Reconfiguring your layout, changing your mind about surfaces… It all adds time and money to your kitchen remodel. If you come to your chosen design-build contractor with a plan and clean specs, it’s that much easier for them to help you. One more benefit of choosing design-build? You’ll only need one estimate from one company. 


Choose Design-Build, Choose Springs

Here at Springs Home Improvement, we’ve been helping homeowners in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas with their home pain points for over a decade. We are a fully-qualified, deeply experienced design-build contractor. Let us help you with your next kitchen remodel, bathroom refresh, or other project. We’ll listen to your needs and come up with a plan to transform your house into a place you love coming home to. 


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