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The Flying W Ranch Project

The Flying W Ranch Project is a floor-to-ceiling remodel on not just one, but three upstairs bathrooms and one downstairs bathroom. The work will be extensive but our crew can’t wait to see the transformation.

Day 1- Demo Day!

Demo Day is always exciting for the homeowner and the crew. Weeks of planning on our part, and years of dreaming for the homeowners, come together where results can be SEEN. It’s exciting for our crew but it can be a little scary for the clients. Seeing your home torn up and dismantled makes anyone nervous. But like a storm, the scary part soon passes and you begin to see the light. Our team does everything in their power to make our homeowners feel good about their project.

The Flying W Ranch project required four separate demo areas. All bathrooms, including a master. This meant we either shrink-wrapped the entire master bedroom or relocated our homeowners. Luckily, they were able to move to a different downstairs bedroom. We think they like us as the wonderful homeowners left drinks and snacks.

Our crew laid plastic to protect floors and got to work. Electric and water were turned off and capped. Fixtures were removed. Cabinets and toilets were removed. Flooring was removed. The three rooms would quickly be empty boxes.


Day 2- Demo complete. Rough-in work begins. x3!

When a room is built or remodeled a “rough-in” plan is formed for the framing, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. This ensures the building plan is up to code and laid out according to the original design. Sometimes this is where surprises come up and can be addressed. Nobody likes to do a job twice so this is a very important phase.


Day 4-

Rough-ins continue for electric and HVAC. Bathrooms begin to be dry plumbed. What is dry plumbed? It’s when bathroom components like showers and tubs begin to be laid out, tiled, or installed around the framing.

Day 6- Inspection Day!

Every job Springs Home Improvement takes on is fully insured and managed by skilled, licensed contractors. Our trade partners are the same. Even with so much knowledge, we are inspected by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (or a different municipality if we are in an outlining area). We welcome these inspections because they maintain safety and ensure jobs are done correctly.

Like Monopoly, a poor inspection means “Do Not Pass Go” and adds additional time. Nobody wants that. Our team has an excellent history of passing inspections.


Day 8-12 – All inspections passed, and we are moving forward!

With most bathroom remodels, the plumbing needs to be relocated. This means the floor and walls get braced or padded with moisture barriers. New holes are cut to house new pipes and the old holes are patched so one would never know they were there. This part is usually the scariest for homeowners because their homes resemble Swiss cheese. We try to reassure our homeowners the best we can with constant communication and walk-throughs to ensure their comfort and to put more eyes on a project.

In the Flying W Ranch Project, all of this was done and we still had a hiccup. The master bathroom tub was accidentally deviated from the plan and subsequently hindered a cabinet from opening correctly. Because of our walk-through with the clients we were able to address the issue before it escalated any further. Happy homeowners and a job well done are what we strive for so this would not fly with us. We fixed the issue while remaining on budget and on schedule.

Day 10-12 – Work continues…


Day 13- Electric Surprises

Our tub issue resolved, we moved forward with the installation of new exhaust fans in the hall bath and master bath water closet. It was discovered that the original hall bath exhaust was ventilating into the attic directly and no ductwork was in place. This is not up to code and has to be addressed. This happens a lot on remodeling jobs and can be due to prior builders following antiquated codes, bad craftsmanship, or prior homeowners’ DIY mistakes. No matter the cause, we bring the issues to current code standards and move forward.


Day 13-14 – Drywall!

All walls were drywalled, taped, and mudded. The texture coat was sprayed on and is now dry. The drywall work is complete! Our bathrooms are starting to look like rooms again. Once sanded, the walls will be ready for tile work.

Day 15-20

With our walls in place, it is time to redirect to flooring. Sometimes we install flooring ourselves and sometimes we work with trade partners. The Flying W Ranch Project has many different bathrooms, so we brought in flooring partners to help keep the project on track.

Each bathroom requires product identification and directional instructions. Once those are given the magic begins. In our opinion, flooring and paint have the largest impact on a project. A room goes from being under construction to looking finished when flooring and paint are applied.

We had a few hiccups with plumbing sizes, last-minute tweaks, and scheduling. This is why constant checks are needed. Sometimes contractor schedules get delayed or changed and that changes our schedule. Communication with our homeowner assured us we could switch days and keep moving forward to paint.

Our design team works closely with our owners to make sure they get the tone and feel of a space correct. Paint colors are chosen with care.

With paint vendors on the way, it was time for another cleanup. Our team likes to keep a clean job site for safety, aesthetics, and ease of work for everyone involved. We remove debris and trash as we go and haul away all construction waste. Rooms are swept to alleviate dust hitting fresh paint and new flooring covers are laid on the floors to keep them damage-free and clean.

The painting trade partner did a wonderful job with the bathrooms. With flooring and paint, the bathrooms are really looking good!

Still to go… trim, countertops, lighting, fixtures, hardware, and more!


Day 21-30  We Can See the Finish Line!

Countertops have been installed. They are exactly what the owner chose and are stunning. With a few tweaks, the lighting is in and functioning. All three bathrooms are glowing.

Bathroom hardware and shower glass have been installed and they look fantastic! It’s such a great feeling to remove the floor covers and deliver a clean space back to the homeowners.

The project has been an amazing transformation, and everyone is very happy with the results.

Now that our three upstairs bathrooms are completed, we have one more to go downstairs. The downstairs bathroom is about to get a facelift…


Project complete!

The Flying W Ranch bathroom project is wrapped up and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our homeowners are loving their new spaces- what a difference in aesthetics, feel, and value! See the results for yourself below.



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