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How Much Does a Remodel Cost?

In the remodeling industry, it’s one of the most common questions contractors like us receive.

How much does a remodel cost? 

Ask a remodeler how much a remodel costs, and you’ll get a lot of questions back from them in return. What type of remodel are you looking for? When it comes to materials, are you budget-conscious, or aiming for luxury? Is this a single or multi-room remodel? A master bathroom remodel or a hall bathroom remodel? Any answers you provide will just elicit more questions in turn. There’s a reason for that. In order to accurately quote a remodel, we need as much information as possible. 

In fact, there are multiple answers based on the scope and complexity of your remodel. For this reason, we believe it’s best to be as transparent about price as possible. Most remodels will have a lower range of costs and an upper range of costs, depending on some of those factors we touched on above and others that we just don’t have the space to detail here. 

At Springs, we see most master bathroom remodels starting around $40,000, while smaller hall bathrooms might cost around $30,000 to start. Most bathroom remodels land somewhere in the $30,000 to $75,000 range, depending on the scope and complexity of your remodel. Kitchen remodels, on the other hand, start around $50,000 and might get as expensive as $125,000. Again, this depends on your needs and wants. 

Basement finishing usually starts at around $85 per square foot, which can rise depending on the amenities you’d like to include in your finished basement. Whole home remodels will vary depending on what, exactly, you’d like done. A good number to keep in mind for extensive, multi-room remodels? Around $200 per square foot

All of these estimates include design fees as well, which can range from $600 to $1,000, depending on your project. Your costs will depend on the look, function, and extent of changes to the existing structure of your home, as well as your personal budget. 

Now, you may be wondering, where exactly do these numbers come from? What determines how much a remodel costs? There are two major factors which play into answering this question: time and budget.



How much does a remodel cost? That depends on the time that goes into one. Time is easily the largest single factor that goes into determining remodel cost. It accounts for design, production; labor; job organization; and meetings with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and internal members; and accounting.

Your first few meetings with your contractor and designers should involve you communicating your needs and wants. The more time your contractor can spend with you in the early stages, the more likely the project will end up on time and within budget.

It is much easier to make changes early in a project than later. For example, let’s say you’re in the midst of a master bathroom remodel. If you take the time to plan out each of the elements you want to include, such as a walk-in closet, a double sink vanity, or a curbless shower, your contractor can plan to cost-effectively deliver on these elements. If you decide to add a walk-in closet after the framing has gone up, it takes time, labor, and design revisions to bring your new vision to life. Your project cost will increase.

Having a set plan going into your remodel and taking the time to communicate thoroughly with your builders and designers can help lower the cost of your remodel.



Everybody comes to the table with a different idea of what they feel comfortable spending. This is the largest factor in determining the cost of your remodel. Your chosen fixtures and finishes can play into this. High-quality materials demand a higher cost. Extensive changes to the layout of your home, such as removing walls, can also drive prices higher.

In initial meetings, it’s essential to discover if your comfortable number matches with our rates. We’re not the cheapest option in town. Our extensive experience and satisfied clients speak for themselves. However, we will never try and push you into a deal you’re not comfortable with, and neither should any other contractor. When it comes to budgeting, your contractor should be on your side. 

After making sure that your budget and needs match, the design process begins. As a design-build remodeler, our process is more cost-efficient than traditional project delivery because of the ability to work with one design and construction team under one contract. Our design-build team works together to ensure that your overall vision, in terms of design and structure, is accomplished.  


If you’re looking for a remodeler in Colorado Springs who will deliver on time and in your budget, look no further than Springs Home Improvement. With over twenty years of experience serving the Colorado Springs area, we want to be your hometown remodeler. We’ll give you the kitchen, master bathroom, or finished basement you’ve always dreamed of. We may even be friends afterwards. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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